Leaders in Coaching Education, Coaching and Personal Development

The ILI have been recognized as Level 1 ICF Accredited Coaching Education Providers – the International Coaching Federation (ICF) are the longest established and most respected Coach and Coaching Education Accrediting Organization in the world

We offer both Classroom based Courses and Virtual Courses and also a wide range of Advanced Coach Training Workshops for practicing professional coaches.

Students can continue to develop during their course by using our student Resource Centres for each of our Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses.

Welcome to The Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI)

Dedicated to Transformational Coaching
Life and Business Coach Training Excellence

Training Coaches since 2001

The Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI) specialises in Life and Business Coach Training and Coaching, with the provision of Coaching services to the public and private sectors. It was founded in 2003 by Adrian Mitchell and  Eoin McCabe, both of whom have been training coaches since 2001 

Our core business focuses on delivering high quality, thorough and practical coach training programmes, the promotion of the coaching profession globally and the ongoing manifestation of human potential through our coaching and our coach training programmes. 

Our approach to our coaching and coach training is “Presence-Centred”, training people to become present to what Life is presenting to them and being able to experience the FLOW of LIFE, rather than resisting, rejecting and resenting what Life is currently offering them, causing huge amounts of unnecessary stress, tension, worry and conflict. Without knowing it, most people live in the past (conditioned behaviour and thinking) or the future (imaginings of future events based on past experience), rarely experiencing the present, the only place LIFE actually exists.

Our Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching Course and Advanced Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching are Parts 1 & 2 of our new Level 1 ICF Accredited Programme. 

The Diploma course qualifies people to practice professionally as coaches, with many people bringing their coaching skills back into their workplace with increased confidence and competence, helping them to gain promotions or move to other more satisfying roles or careers. Many people also complete this course to experience a personal transformational journey, enriching their lives and relationships. 

We also offer a range of Advanced Coach Training workshops for qualified coaches to upskill and develop, and grow their coaching business, as well as Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision to keep coaches on track with their coaching skills and their personal well being in regard to coaching.

Please note that all our courses are delivered in English.