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DN720 Stillorgan 2020-2021

Welcome to the ILI Resource Centre!


Over the duration of the course, you will see documents and video clips appearing here for your learning and development and also as an information source. Just click on the title you wish to use. I hope you are practising your listening skills and are seeing positive results! 


ILI GROW Model – Instructional Coaching Session   Click to view

Use the Video below to familiarize yourself with the GROW Model 


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Geting Started…

Click on the following documents to track your development (these are for you and are not to be uploaded or emailed)


10 Indicators of Trust

Module 1 Course Work Requirements – to be uploaded or emailed

Module 1 – Required Course Work

Module 1 – Recommended Revision Q&A

Course Logistics Documents

Book List 2020

Diploma Course Dates and Venues 2020 – 2021 

Summary of Diploma Course


Module 2…Module 2…Module 2…Module 2…Module 2…Module 2…

Please make sure you complete your Peer Coaching Log Form after each sesssion as a coach and your PCG log form after each PCG meeting – email all completed forms to info@ili.ie  before your next ModuleDo not upload these forms.

Also note the Module Questions and Answers are for your own revision and should not be submitted to the ILI 


201102 – Peer Coaching Information and Tips

171001 Peer Coaching Log Form

040225amHO – The Wheel of Life – with headings

071103em PCG LOG FORM

QQI Level 6 Award in Life and Workplace Coaching

QQI Level 6 Award in Life and Workplace Coaching – Summary

Level 6 Award – Assignments Breakdown

190313 Life and Workplace Coaching Award – Assessment Briefs for Students

QQI Level 6 Award in Life and Workplace Coaching – Summary

Assignments Template – Level 6 Life and Workplace Coaching Special Award

ICF Coaching Core Competencies Model for Students

Module 2 – Required Course Work


Have another look at the SMART Goals Coaching Session again…


Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3…Module 3

Real goals and issues for Peer Coaching Sessions: 

Please ensure you are bringing real goals/issues to your peer coaching sessions as peer clients. Your peer coach cannot learn how to coach if you are not doing this and it should not be seen as a recommendation, it is a requirement


As mentioned in class on Module 3, use your time between Module 3 and Module 4 to start setting up your pro bono clients – they cannot be from your own circles (family, friends, direct work colleagues, neighbours) but can be from their circles as long as you do not know them, or hardly know them. Check with other PCGs in your class to see if you can get clients from them and be proactive (if possible) in terms of providing clients for your classmates in other PCGs. You will need 4 or 5 clients to get you to the minimum of pro bono sessions which is 18. You should pace these sessions so that you are donig them from after Module 4 up to 2 weeks before Module 8, or even up to the day before Module 8 if you like, or if necessary. 

Don't forget as well as your book assignemnt (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), you also have to upload your first Coaching Learner Report (CLR 1) before Module 4. This 250 word report will be based on how your peer coaching sessions (as a coach) have helped to develop your coaching skills and confidence – pick out one or two of the competencies and write about how you have seen them develop as a result of your coaching sessions.

Have another look at the Lifecope Model of Coaching being used in a coaching session





Module 3 Course Work


Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…Module 4…


200109 – Pro Bono Student Confirmation Form  

This form needs to be read and a confirmation (that you agree with all points and are happy to sign the form) emailed to the ILI before you can start your Pro Bono Coaching Sessions

 200518 – Pro Bono Coaching Agreement Form

This Agreement Form must be given to your client before your first session with a confirmation sent to you from your client – please hold onto this Agreement Form and bring with you to the last Module of the course 

200517 – Pro Bono Coaching Log Form – See document below Completing your Pro Bono Log Forms

Please reflect on each session as soon as possible after the session and complete this form using the Core Competencies from your Manual 1 as indicated on the Form.

Completing your Pro Bono Log Forms

 FROM NOW ON UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DO NOT UPLOAD ANY ASSIGNMENTS OR FORMS (until we are back in the hotel for our Modules – at that point you will bring your pro bono log forms and PCG log forms in with you on the Saturday and you can then upload your assignments and coaching learner reports from that point onwards) 


181201am – Pro Bono Sessions Summary Record

Please enter each session's info into this Summary Record after each session in the order you have the sessions (order is time related rather than client related)

04025am – The Wheel of Life – with headings

Use the Wheel of Life with your clients if appropriate and in an appropriate way


 Module 4 Course Work




Module 5…Module 5…Module 5…Module 5…Module 5…Module 5…Module 5…Module 5…

Assignments Template – Level 6 Life and Workplace Coaching Special Award

200720 Life and Workplace Coaching Award – Assessment Briefs for Students

Co-Active Coaching Model

Level-6-Award-Assignments-Breakdown (1)

Writing your End of Course Assignments

Assessed Class Coaching Sessions – Modules 5 – 7                    

Module 5 Course Work


Module 6…Module 6…Module 6…Module 6…Module 6…Module 6…Module 6…Module 6…

Please take time to watch this instructional video again highlighting the use of S+R=E; how easy it is for clients (and all of us) to get caught up in mental and emotional loops and how to help them to move through these loops. Please keep in mind that this video has been designed to highlight the use of this equation in coaching and therefore it is instructional as are the other three videos. You have already been trained how to coach using the core competencies and you can weave this equation into what you are already doing to help your client to get out of their mental loop or victim mindset.



4th Coaching Learner Report:

If you haven't aready included how your experience as a client and an observer of coaching and reflective practice have helped in your coaching skills development and in your growing confidence in coaching you will need to do it in this report – check out the assessment brief guidelines for the Learner Record and check out your Manual 1 pages 64 – 65 – for the theory piece of the reflective practice use the definition in the 1st paragraph on Page 65.


QQI Assignments


I will give you feedback on your QQI assignments in the following way:

I will alert you if I notice that one or more of the bullet points/guidelines are missing or not covered adequately or I will simply say that your assignment seems on track with the Assessment Brief. I will only give feedback once on each of your assignments, so no back and forth emails until you finally get it!!

If you are completing your Ethics assignment before Module 7 I recommend you look at the piece on Supervision on page 70 of your Student Manual 2 and pages 77-78 for multi-handed (triangular) contracts. Most of the information you need can be found in Manual 1, Module 1

When completing your Theory and Practice assignment, make sure you read the document below on the Co-Active Coaching Model – you will need to include a piece on this model in your assignment.

For your Coaching as a Coach assignment, please ensure you include references from some of the 5 coaching log forms you will be presenting with it – use your own reference system for these log forms and make sure the names of your clients do not appear anywhere (for example you could use client initials and session number, or client frist name and session number, or any other referencing system that works for you).

Also below is a document with information on all of your assignments including your 6 book assignments, your 4 coaching learner reports and your 4 end of course assignments

Please also see info on your end of course assignments and QQI assignments under Module 5 in this Centre.

Co-Active Coaching Model

Course Assignments – Requirements and Guidelines

Pro Bono Coaching Sessions

You must continue with your pro bono coaching sessions until Module 7 at least and you can continue to do your sessions up to the week before the last Module but you also need to have all your sent in to the ILI by the Wednesday before your last Module at the latest – any forms comign in after that will not be counted. 


170725 – 4 Cs exercise