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The ILI have been recognized as Level 1 ICF Accredited Coaching Education Providers – the International Coaching Federation (ICF) are the longest established and most respected Coach and Coaching Education Accrediting Organization in the world

We offer both Classroom based Courses and Virtual Courses and also a wide range of Advanced Coach Training Workshops for practicing professional coaches.

Students can continue to develop during their course by using our student Resource Centres for each of our Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses.

Advanced Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching 

Our Advanced Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching is aimed at all qualified professional coaches who have successfully completed a recognised Professional Award in Coaching and who use or intend to use coaching on an ongoing basis in their daily work. This can apply to those who have already set up as full time or part time coaches (or are planning to do so) and also to those who work in a managerial, supervisory or HR capacity in their company or organization where they use coaching on a daily basis.  The programme is also specifically designed to create a pathway for the coaches to move towards their International Coach Federation (ICF) credential and the course fees include 7 group Mentor Coaching hours – 10 hours are required for ICF Credential Application (see fees below).

The course will be run on the basis of one day per month over six months period and will include the following content and format:

The Neuroscience of Excellent Coaching

Recent discoveries in neuroscience explain what invigorates people and what turns them off, why they believe what they believe and much more. We explore the current and emerging neuroscience and brain research that show us how the brain works and how to practically apply this knowledge to help improve people’s thinking and performance

Understanding and applying the Three Principles of Human Experience

The Three Principles form an integral part of the advanced coach training as they provide a direct and deep understanding of the true nature of human experience. These principles are the fundamental dynamics operating in everyone’s mind at all times, regardless of age, background, biological makeup, personality or personal history. They are the deepest processes working behind the scenes of peoples’ moment-by-moment experiences. In short, they are responsible for the way we experience life. Understanding these principles has great value for anyone in business, or anywhere else. It enables people to work at their best, individually and together. This knowledge accelerates progress and enables innovation in ways that are responsive to an ever-changing world.

Skills Development

The core of this programme will be skills development with the focus being on improving all aspects of the ICF Core Competencies and fine tuning them in preparation for your ICF credential application and the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA). This is the online exam on the ICF CCs which is the last step in the application process).

Onsite coaching sessions will take place regularly on the programme and will be assessed with extensive feedback given for further development.

Students’ offsite coaching (pro bono or paid) will be regularly supervised with extensive feedback and selected onsite coaching sessions will be video-taped and then replayed in front of the class for discussion and learning.

Tutors will carry out at least 2 “live” coaching sessions in front of the class over the duration of the programme.

Presence (Mindfulness) Development

There is a major emphasis on the development of presence in the coaching work and the lives of the participants. Students will be given specifically designed exercises for the development of presence and they will gain a deep understanding of what presence is. They will see presence demonstrated by the tutors and will practice it in all their coaching sessions and in all everyday interactions.

Pathway to ICF Credentialing (ACC/PCC)

There are three levels of ICF Credentials you can aspire to; Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC). Our programme can assist students who are hoping to apply for either the ACC or the PCC. To apply for either of these, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 60 hours of Coach Specific Training (ACC), or 125 hours (PCC)
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • Coaching log demonstrating 100 hours (75 paid) of coaching experience with at least 8 clients for ACC level or 750 hours (675 paid) with at least 25 clients for PCC level
  • PCC applicants will also need to complete a Performance Evaluation which consists of 2 audio recorded sessions with transcripts
  • Complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (online exam)

To attend this Advanced Diploma Course, all students will need to have already completed their 60 hours of Coach Specific Training or 125 hours for PCCs (the ILI’s Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching covers 125 hours). Students will need to actively work on their coaching hours over the duration of the course.  During the course, students will receive 7 mentor coaching hours and if required will receive feedback on audio recordings (PCC).

Please note the CKA online exam is the last stage of the PCC application and coaches can only complete this if they have been successful with the other aspects of the application as mentioned above. The CKA is not done or covered during this programme.

Fees for ICF Credentials

Please click on the following link for up to date information on ICF Credential Fees and application process


Dates and Venue

The Course will start in March and dates and venue will be posted here shortly…